Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whoops, shopping

I went shopping*, with the express purpose of getting some more color into my mostly black, white, and gray wardrobe. And here is what I came home with (all from H&M):

gray dress

black dress

black pencil skirt (which looks more flattering in person, I swear)

Oops. Note the utter lack of color. But I love them! I did promise myself that I could buy all three only if ponder them and return one. Right now I'm leaning towards getting rid of the gray dress, since it's the snuggest of the three, but that leaves me with so much black.... Opinions? Which one do you think I should return?

*If you are familiar with all of the 30 for 30 rules, you know that shopping is prohibited during this month. However, since I finished a nice closet purge just before it started, I'm giving myself a little leeway and just trying to be extra careful about not buying anything that isn't amazing and super versatile.


  1. I'm gonna agree with you, the grey goes. And I'm also going to add that not only do you need more color in your wardrobe, but you need COLORFUL PRINTS!!! I see a lot of solid colors (and neutrals)

  2. Yeah, definitely. The problem is, I have so much trouble finding colors/prints that I like, and the problem perpetuates. I need to keep trying - and resist buying more black and gray in the process!

  3. hahaha well luckily spring is coming (despite the snowstorm we're having today) and more colors will be in stores! I still don't get why California stores carry the same winter clothes that the northeast does... I'll have to come out there for a longer period of time so we can have a day of shopping.

  4. Personally, I love all three items (of course I predominately wear black and grey), but if it's your first instinct to git rid of the grey dress, go for it. I understand wanting to integrate color, but normally I suggest doing that with shoes or other accessories. Unless you are a super thin person, prints can be very tricky (I had hips in the fifth grade, so I know a lot of clothes aren't made with my body type in mind). However, I wouldn't completely count them out. I don't know if this helps, but yay for shopping! haha.