Sunday, February 13, 2011

30 for 30 - day 13

Busy busy day! These are from Saturday, and I was lucky enough to get tickets to the SF Food Wars Mac & Cheese battle (yummmm! post to follow), but this meant I was super busy being social all day until after dark, so I have some yucky indoor pictures.

I don't yet have pro photo editing skills and basically post what comes out of the camera, and although I tried some super basic color changes in iPhoto, these are obviously not great. Sorry!

There's always an ass shot when I wear this skirt.

I love this [jacket? sweater?] - I can wear it year round and I feel like it makes everything I put it over look 10 times better.

I feel like I haven't been very good at noting where I got things lately, but really it's more because the few accessories I've been wearing (eg. these tights) are things I've had forever and have NO IDEA where I got them. My 30 for 30 pieces all have store info here.

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