Saturday, February 26, 2011

SF Food Wars - Mac & Cheese

After much delay!

I am a huge fan of macaroni and cheese. I have only made it for myself maybe once (Kraft instant variety aside), because I'm afraid if I find a delicious and easy recipe, the floodgates will open and I will start the downward spiral into obesity and heart disease. However, I make exceptions for things like this, so when I heard about this SF Food Wars event, I immediately told some friends and counted down to ticket purchase time. As it turns out, getting tickets was hard (they sold out in a matter of seconds) and I am the only person I know who managed to get any. I attribute it to my obsession, er, love, for mac & cheese.

Me and Em (she was my designated buddy, since Tim apparently hates mac & cheese)
Andrea's boyfriend Peter, roomie Andrea, Em
The event consisted of 16 kinds of mac & cheese, which came in sample sizes large enough to make me feel slightly ill at the end, even with half a plate-full left. But, YUM.

The first eight!
My personal favorite (#10, the Triple Heat Mac - in the chili powder-rimmed cup in the top picture) didn't win a prize, but really, there were no bad ones there.

YUM - lobster mac & cheese!
I definitely hope to use my luck/skill to snag tickets to future SF Food Wars events, because this was fantastic.

I told Em to look overwhelmed by the amount of macaroni and cheese she was about to consume - this wasn't difficult.


Andrea and Peter (I love both of their shirts)
Some pictures of the chefs:

chefs posing with a rubber ducky for the duck mac & cheese

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