Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best Date Night Ever

I'm always trying to make reservations and drag Tim off to fancy expensive restaurants. While he humors me sometimes, it is not a thing he's up for every weekend. However, we finally found the PERFECT date, one that was cute (and delicious) enough for me, and low key enough for Tim.

If you're in San Francisco, I highly recommend this! But it's easily reproducible pretty much anywhere in the world - give it a shot!
Here's the thing: I hate flash. So I tried to make my camera take pictures in the dark. whoops.
  1. Pack: a picnic blanket, corkscrew, solo cups
  2. Order a (high quality, delicious) pizza. We went with Delfina Pizzeria's Panna, add pepperoni.
  3. On your way to get the pizza, pick up a bottle of wine - we got a $15ish bottle of something red (I am so not a wine connoisseur, although I do love to drink it). If you're doing the SF experience, Bi-Rite Market is a great place for this, right between the pizzeria and the park.
  4. Pick up the pizza (and extra napkins).
  5. Go to your favorite neighborhood park - I chose Dolores Park in SF because it's lovely and walkable from my house.
  6. Have a picnic! Drink your wine out of solo cups (or the bottle if you don't care - you're going to kill the bottle anyway). Chow down on pizza. Enjoy couple time and hanging out on a snuggly blanket in the middle of a park. Maybe take some pictures, but this is tricky in winter when it's dark out.
  7. BONUS: If it's chilly out, grab some hot cocoa after dinner. Unfortunately, it wasn't cold enough for Bi-Rite Creamery to have their AMAZING hot chocolate for sale, but we tried.
Tim will kill me if he finds out I posted this ADORABLE picture of him on the internetz

And this one even more so!! <3 Tim!
Seriously. Tim and I agree (and I sure you would too!), best date ever.

Although going on a double date to a wine bar with two of your best friends and getting drunk, and grabbing more Delfina Pizza afterwards and eating that at home with some real (French) Champagne is a close second:
So much wine! And this was just round one...
Phil and Em; Tim looking classy as hell

Mmmm, rose champagne!


  1. This seems like a really fun idea! However, I don't know if these is feasible for JC. I feel like the annoying, local cops would have something to say about drinking wine in a park, haha. Also, that wine bar seems really nice as well. This gives me something to think about, because you know I have been to every restaurant here 50 million times.

  2. Hmm, true, you might have to make do with no wine. I'm not actually sure that it's legal here, but the cops seem to look the other way (in fact, I smelled weed when we first got to the park, so I felt good about the fact that they would have other people to bust before us). Maybe bring a thermos of hot cocoa to have with the pizza? Or if you have a yard, have a picnic there!

  3. omg I really want to meet Tim :-)

  4. This summer?? There was another cute picture that I almost put in last night's post, but he vetoed it :( He doesn't like to show weakness by letting the whole internet see his soft side, haha.