Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30 for 30 - day 16

Let's pretend this outfit doesn't look almost exactly like day 14. Or just pretend it's because of 30 for 30. Not because I spent one night longer than I was planning on at Tim's and ran out of clothes and had to make do with what I had (and a washer/dryer, fortunately). K? K.

But on the bright side, a change of scenery! Yup, this is Tim's front yarn instead of the back. (Side note: I really can't wait until I have my very own yard - taking pictures on my bustling city street is awkward sometimes.)

necklace: Etsy

earrings: street vendor in NYC


  1. You know I seriously LOVE your necklace! And I won't lie... I envy those boots too.

  2. Thanks :) Seriously, you are so adorable yourself, it's flattering to hear you say nice things about my accessories! haha