Friday, February 18, 2011

30 for 30 - day 18

Yuck. Rain.

Despite spending most of the last 6 years in Pittsburgh, California has already softened me. I was going to make myself brave the rain and take pictures outside, because c'mon, the rest of you are out in the snow and negative temperatures everyday. But I found all kinds of great excuses (no tripod, so I'd have to basically set my camera in a puddle! and inappropriate rain shoes, oops). So.... indoor pictures.

I managed to drop this flower on Tim's driveway on my way to my car to go to work, so this was the only time all day that I wore it (oops). Then I got to work and realized it was missing and panicked more than a reasonable person should. Tim's roommate found it on the driveway and the day was saved, although it's not back in my possession yet.

I look so awkward. Wet hair, bad lighting, blah.

flower: Anthropologie; belt: Aeropostale; scarf: I don't know...

Hey look, I did step outside into the nasty wet outdoor world briefly.

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