Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not an outfit post.

While outfit posts are all fine and good in their own way, I'm not gonna lie: I really miss making food posts. I seems like every time I cook dinner lately, it's quick and boring and just for me, and even if I do snap a few pictures, they're not very nice ones. And baking? Ha, who has time for that?!

Lately I've been missing it more - the posts, and especially having the time to do those things. Yeah, we're all super busy. But I feel like I have exacerbated the problem by moving to San Francisco when I work in the south bay, giving me a 2-3 hour round trip commute each day. I am super lucky to have a shuttle, but I often get carsick, so it often feels like a waste of several hours. Every day. (Except for the ones that I spend at Tim's place, but even then, I feel a little "homesick" after a couple of days - it's not the same.)

Anyway, I feel like it's led to some sort of chronic exhaustion and the constant feeling of needing more sleep and more "me" time at home, even if I try to recover for a whole weekend. And, looking ahead through the end of this weekend, I don't foresee more than a few waking hours at home, total.

Anyway. Sometimes I just need to vent about how darn tired I am, and also let you know that I hope to overcome this fatigue and write some better posts (food or not) eventually! But really, this isn't so much of an apology as a "FYI this is my life right now" post, and a public admittance to not being perfect (which I am a million miles from, but sometimes it seems like I and others have a tendency to only show the good stuff on the internet).

Also, I've noticed that the blogs I love reading the most have a lot of "real life" to them - I feel like I'm getting to know the person, not just what clothes they wear. So I'm going to try some more of that, starting now.

PS. After drafting this post I did manage to bake some yummy cupcakes for my coworkers, so perhaps I can find the time to post about that soon, hooray!!

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