Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome - take two!

The one hour I have been awake today has merited its very own awkward and awesome Thursday post. Once again, inspiration comes from Syd at the Daybook - go check her out! She's super entertaining. Way more so than I am :)

- My roommate found our elusive kitchen mouse. This morning. In her bed. While she was sleeping. She is not pleased with this development and might insist upon less-than-humane traps :-/
- Me deciding that lugging my camera outside is too much work and taking todays outfit photos in my bed.
- Also the fact that some of the outfit photos have me in what I think is a comfy position (sitting up, legs sprawled to either side) but what it turns out is more of a "come hither" position when I look at the photos.
- Waking up and thinking it's the middle of the night (thanks winter time) and getting ready to snuggle back into bed, until I look at the clock and realize my alarm is going off in 15 minutes.

- Me not having any small (breakable) bills to buy coffee today in my cute little neighborhood coffee shop, so they just told me to pay later and let me get away with my free coffee today. Awww!
- Buying ski gear today for my upcoming Tahoe trip! I'll probably purchase goggles, a helmet, etc, and just rent the skis, boots, and poles. Hopefully this will encourage me to take many future ski trips. Hooray! (I am not a fantastic skier by any means, but the few times I have gone I have loved it, so I really want to go more.)
- I am working from home tomorrow, and only until 2pm (when we leave for Tahoe), so today is SORT OF like friday. And that makes me happy.
- Finally having at least 3 blog posts worth of photos that I just need the time to organize and post. This also falls under awkward, because of how terrible I am at making a schedule of these things. I'll try to stop with the {silence}-POST-POST-POST thing.

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