Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One awkward and one awesome

Instead of a full awkward-awesome list, I have an abbreviated version today:

Why yes, I am not even at work yet, and that is a coffee stain down my front
Coffee and I have a love-hate relationship. For some reason, every time I have it in a to go cup, it insists on leaping out and onto my clothes (aren't those lids supposed to prevent that??). Tim always laughs and/or is in awe of my to-go-coffee-drinking skills. Today he is not here to laugh with, so I have to sit awkwardly and wonder how many people on the shuttle are judging me. (Fortunately I happen to have a change of clothes on me, so I can remedy the situation once I'm at work)


My Tennessee BFF (yep, I grew up in Tennessee) Meredith has created her own awesome and awkward list today! Go check it out! Her tumblr is a fantastic mix of personal photos and text, classy retro photos, pictures and music clips of whatever she is loving at the moment, and the occasionally adorable asian child. Highly recommend.


  1. no worries, effo, now I can laugh at your amazing coffee skills from across the internet!

    (honestly it's impressive in a completely horrifying way)

  2. Aw, thank you dear! I appreciate you mentioning my tumblr. Sorry about the coffee stain, though.

  3. It's ok! Hopefully it'll come out.... I really do love your tumblr!