Friday, January 7, 2011

This week's awkward and awesome

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Syd at The Daybook!


  • My hair right now. I haven't had a haircut in like 3 months, and in that time I have cut my own bangs (poorly) at least once. It's entirely in between short and long right now and I'm so glad I have a haircut tomorrow.
  • The fact that I started off the New Year with some post-midnight vomiting, and not even due to being drunk. Too much homemade pizza, chocolate souffle, and a bit of bad faux ice wine.
  • My shuttle home being stopped on the side of the highway for a full hour on Wednesday night, and then my "oh my god I want to be home" panic attack.
  • The spider that crawled onto my desk at work today, prompting me to jump up and freak out to my coworkers and then sit a full 2 feet back from my desk for the next hour after it ran away and hid. (I never found it!! Eek!)
  • The absolute disaster that my bedroom is at the moment.

  • I started doing ballet again for the time in 6 months - I didn't realize how very much I missed it. I feel fantastic :)
  • I bought myself a fancy new 24" inch monitor! Hopefully working from home will get a bit easier. Ahhh, it is so much better than the old 17"! I am so excited!
  • Phone calls with Tim on the days I don't get to see him in person.
  • My roommate's bunny Duncan seems to really like me now (after I've been his babysitter for 3 weeks) - I never knew that bunnies could be affectionate!

  • I found some fantastic leather boots and a goofy/awesome skirt while thrift shopping earlier this week. (Pics to follow eventually!)
  • TIGHTS. Between ballet and regular outfits, I have worn tights 5 separate times in the last 4 days. I just love them. They are cute, colorful, cozy... (and they let me be lazy and wear skirts if I haven't shaved my legs).
  • California has been cold enough to wear my favorite, super soft Gap scarf. !!!

That is all for this week! Should I do this again?


  1. Love your scarf!
    And who knew that Bunny would warm up so well? ;)
    lovely blog, btw

  2. cute bunny! nice background btw ;) CA? soo jealous.. warmth!

  3. Haha, yes, I see you, too, have good taste in backgrounds :) Too bad I'm a winter person - I definitely don't appreciate the year-round warm weather here like most people do.