Saturday, January 1, 2011

A little more San Francisco

I have recently discovered that I really love taking walks around my neighborhood. San Francisco is such a unique and beautiful city, and I could spend hours just looking at all of the adorable houses within a few blocks of where I live. (I kind of wish I had a dog just to encourage me to take more of these.)

During some of my copious free time last week, I donned my brand new sweater dress (which I LOVE) and pulled Tim out onto one of those walks with me. We climbed one of the huge hills in the Castro and got a fantastic view of the city.

Gorgeous! Back when I was trying to move to SF, I looked at a house right where these pictures were taken - it would have been amazing to wake up to that view every day! But the house itself wasn't fantastic, and it sure is a hike to get to that house from ANYWHERE in the city.

Tim, holding all of our breakfast things so that I could snap some pictures. Then I made him put it all down and take the pics himself.

Tim's typical photo face
Love those dimples :)
Dress: Express; Tights: American Apparel; Earrings: boutique in Montreal; Scarf: Charlotte Russe; Rings: gifts from mom


  1. I want to take a walk there one day. By the way, i love the faraway photo where you are looking down. :)

  2. Aww, thanks! If you manage to get a good deal on a trip out here, I will definitely take you on a walking tour of the area!!