Sunday, January 30, 2011

My very first 30 for 30

I have only recently discovered the lovely Kendi at Kendi Everyday, although I first saw her 30 for 30 challenge back in November/December. Here's how it works:

You pick 30 pieces of clothing: shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, shoes, sweaters... And you wear only these things for 30 days, plus accessories like tights, jewelry, and belts. The key here is remixing - making lots of totally different (and awesome) outfits out of the same pieces of clothing.

Turns out this kind of fits in with my closet revamp (it should help me figure out what I do and don't like and how to use the stuff I have in different ways), and Kendi also has some awesome posts on exactly what I'm trying to do to clean out my closet (one, two, three, four, five).

Things I've learned (already!):
  1. I own too many neutrals, and not enough exciting or colorful pieces. I feel like all of my outfits are primarily black, maybe with a splash of navy or beige. Blah.
  2. Button up shirts are amazing for layering. I haven't worn them in years, but fortunately the hoarder in me kept them anyway, and it is time to pull them to the front of my closet again.
  3. I own too many clothes, in general. Once I got to 15 or 20 pieces, I actually had trouble picking more. Not that I don't have more (oh, I assure you, I do!), but apparently there are really only a dozen or so things I like enough to wear on a regular basis, and the rest gets ignored or forgotten. This is an excuse to bring new life to the forgotten pieces, or donate/restyle them.
While I have my 30 pieces (or at least 29 or so) picked out, I'm going to have to post them tomorrow, as one or two are down at my boyfriend's place and I can't easily document them all. Expect a post tomorrow!

UPDATE: see my picks here!

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