Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post-Christmas Craftiness

The holidays are over, and that means I get to make whatever the hell I want - pretty exciting! I'm pretty sure everyone's post-holiday food comas and resolutions will make anything I bake go mostly to waste, so I'm focusing on low-cal crocheting for awhile. Plus, I never sent my sister mid-December birthday presents, so I owe her!

A few things I whipped up in my after Christmas downtime:

Sushi fingerless mittens! These are actually a hybrid of two of Twinkie Chan's awesome patterns, her strawberry mittens and sushi scarf. (side note: I totally recommend her book - Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies - if you have any interest in food and/or crocheting!) These were lots of fun to make, and I decided to follow up with a matching headband.

The headband:

Yuck, please excuse my terrible bangs. I'm getting a haircut this weekend.

And my very own creation (shh, don't tell, but it's super quick and easy to make) - a girly beer coozy.

I was kind of going for a cupcake look, but it ended up being a flowery/wavy/abstract thing. Think there would be any interest if I opened up an etsy shop of these, maybe $10 a pop? I might try to get fancy with beads, sparkly yarn, etc. Seriously, there is a huge deficit of feminine beer coozies in the market, don't you think? No?

Anyway, they're easy enough to make that I might just whip up a stockpile of my own - at least there will be no room-temp beers when I have friends over!

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