Sunday, January 30, 2011


Remember that time, oh so long ago, that I said I was going to Tahoe? Well, I did! Like 3 weeks ago. It was stressful and fun and exhausting and busy and full of friends (but not Tim, who isn't good with large groups for extended periods of time, and I'm not so sure I am either).

Ready for day 1 of skiing!
Things I learned:
  1. I am too out of shape to ski for two full days straight (about 9 to 4 both days), although I did it anyway. I just felt like death by the end and was a little worried I'd hurt myself if I went down another slope.
  2. Going to Lake Tahoe in January doesn't actually guarantee freezing cold weather, or falling snow. It ended up being in the 50s and sunny, which is great for people who hate winter, but I was pretty disappointed that I didn't get blizzards and subzero chills to get the whole winter thing out of my system. Fortunately, snow on the slopes hadn't melted, so skiing was alright (if a bit too warm).

  3. Hanging out with 9 friends is fun but also overwhelming, as I'm pretty introverted in real life.

  4. Apparently I am good at making both Gl├╝hwein and no-recipe turkey chili. Who knew!

  5. I am going to buy ski boots the next time I go. The rentals don't fit my wide feet well and my little toes went numb 5 minutes in each day. The cost of owning boots would be well worth the comfort, if I can get some that actually fit.

  6. My favorite breakfast ever is leftover pasta (and tomato sauce) sauteed with an egg. Bonus points for it being full of pre-skiing carbs and protein.

  7. Gas stoves are actually really great at roasting marshmallows.

And some more pictures...

I will take pretty much any excuse to wear fun winter accessories. 

Cozy fireplace (with real wood, not gas!)
Early morning sunshine over Lake Tahoe

I bought legit gear (helmet, goggles) and felt like a real skier...


The lake!

(Click through to see a bigger version of any picture, but unfortunately the skiing ones were taken with my 5 year old crappy camera and look pretty awful close up.)

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